The 1:12, a good idea? political campaign

Fédération des Entreprises Romandes

Enigma Strategy & Branding elaborated a political campaign via two different media in order to endorse the “No” camp for the 1:12 initiative.


Those campaigning for the “yes” vote had a clear advantage at the start: simple and emotional arguments, and many seeds planted during the grassroots campaign towards the referendum. The side of the “no” had longer arguments and thus struggled with its billboard campaign, which is the traditional medium in Swiss politics.

The goal was to make the billboards understandable immediately. But how?


In order to be clearer and simpler, Enigma suggested a campaign with two specific media: traditional billboards and videos. Powerful visuals on billboards helped focus on three weaknesses of this purportedly good idea

  • Tax increase
  • Revenue loss for the State
  • Threat on social security payments

The second media, a film posted on YouTube, had a more educational goal and hoped to reach 100,000 views.

The combination of the billboards and the video allowed to have a compact message highlighting some strong arguments through visuals, and be didactic with a more detailed explanation on film.


During the 5-week political campaign, the video was seen 174,000 times and the “no” camp won the referendum.

Display of one billboard of the political campaign
Display of a second version of billboard for the political campaign
Display of third billboard for the political campaign
Making-of of the first billboard of the political campaign
Behind the scenes of the billboards' picture shooting
Drawings of the storyboard for the political campaign short movie
Suite de la storyboard pour le court métrage de la campagne politique


STRATEGY Olivier Perez Kennedy
DESIGN Nicolas Naully
PHOTOGRAPHE Sébastien Staub
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Lina Maria Hernandez
VIDEO Julien Eger et David Mathias
SEM & SEO Lou Bielser & Vincent Hsu