This is how you win an election

We have been assisting parties and interest groups in political campaigning in Switzerland for almost a decade. Over time, we have developed a unique process that is based on our experience of the best practices of Switzerland and around the world. We apply for at least two campaigns each year. We hone our expertise. We will help you win.


Define the target audience, consider its socio-cultural profile, references and behaviour. Research best practices and “worst case scenario”. Circumscribe the ecosystem of the campaign to take advantage of opportunities and select an approach.


Study of the available means of communication to reach your target audience and get your message across.


Decision matrix and communication plan
Choose the best communication options for the campaign. Allocate resources to increase the impact of each franc invested. Define the version zero of arguments and visual concepts.

​A/B Test

Propose two variants of a communication medium to a sample of the target audience. Measure public reaction in the different linguistic regions. Identify the winning visual and verbal language.

Design & Copy

Filter the messages and visual concepts based on test results. Adopt a winning concept or adapt media to reach different subgroups of the target audience. Define version 1 of the actions of the campaign.

Campaign Run

Deployment of the campaign based on the communication plan. Juxtaposition of different actions to maximise the impact and penetration of the message.


Periodic review of communication tools based on surveys, media coverage and performance of actions. Adaptation to audience feedback and arguments of opponents to prepare for version 2 of the communication actions. Depending on the duration of the campaign, these revisions can be numerous.

Voting materials

Preparation of voting materials for voters. Consideration of data and information from the campaign used for the different successive versions.


Culmination of the campaign. Moment when only the voters can tip the decision. Publication of reactions and analysis of the victory or defeat.